Travis Boeh, McLoughlin principalDear McLoughlin families,

As we cross the halfway point in our school year, here at Mac we are staying focused on creating and sustaining an environment where your students can thrive. Each student at Mac is important and his or her learning is valued. The staff is committed to staying relentlessly positive as we strive towards excellence.

Academically, we have been using assessment data to make informed decisions about our daily instruction, targeting the areas where students need the most support. One of the tools we have to help us meet the needs of each student is a program called iReady. We use it to monitor students’ progress in reading and math. It is also a tool that provides individualized instruction in reading and math. The program is able to take the information from assessments, and deliver targeted lessons on specific skills for that individual student. These lessons can be accessed by the student anywhere that they have internet access. This process works best when students are equipped with a charged and functioning iPad.

Some ways that you can continue to support your student’s academic needs include:

  • Get students here on-time and ready to learn each day
  • Help students be prepared with charged iPads
  • Ask them to show you their progress on iReady and Skyward Family Access
  • Talk to them about the importance of putting their best effort into their assignments and assessments
  • Communicate with teachers when you have a question or concern

I thank you for everything you do to support your kids and their learning. When education is at its best, it is truly a community effort.


Travis Boeh

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