The Spanish/English Dual Language Program begins at the elementary level. Kindergarten through fifth grades are located at Harney, Anderson, Martin Luther King Jr., Roosevelt and Ruth Bader Ginsburg elementary schools. Sixth through eighth grades are located at McLoughlin and Gaiser middle schools. At the high school level, rigorous classes are offered in the Spanish language pathway at the Fort Vancouver High School Center for International Studies.

The program’s goals are to produce students who are bilingual, biliterate and bicultural; who can achieve academically; and who are ready to enter an academic program at the high school level.

The students within the program become proficient and literate in both English and Spanish while meeting high academic standards. They gain a broader vocabulary and multiple views of the world; develop high levels of proficiency in Spanish and English; and gain a competitive advantage in high school, college, the workplace and the global economy. Students also develop self-regulation, self-advocacy and self-reflection skills.

At McLoughlin, the Spanish pathway students receive two periods of instruction each day. Each year they have a Spanish Language Arts class and a social studies class taught in Spanish.