High School graduates

Vancouver Public Schools currently requires 22.5 credits to graduate. This requirement will continue through the class of 2019.

Beginning with the class of 2020, the number of credits needed to graduate from a VPS high school will increase to 24. The new requirements, set by the Washington State Board of Education, were designed to enhance students’ preparedness for life after high school, whether it includes four-year or community college, trade school, military service, the workforce or any other aspirations.

In rare circumstances, a waiver of up to two credits could be available for students who attempt but do not reach 24 credits.

Questions about the changing requirements? Please contact a school counselor or career specialist for more information.

Graduation requirements


core credits
Including English, math, science, social studies, arts, health and fitness and career and technical education courses.


elective credits
These credits reflect courses that students choose based on their interests.


additional core credits
The additional credits include one in art and two in world languages. Alternatively, students can choose up to three personalized pathway credits that reflect individual post–high school goals.