Principal Update: December 2016

Dear McLoughlin Families, Happy Holidays! I hope this letter finds you well. I hope you enjoyed the Thanksgiving break. I took the break as an opportunity to reflect and give gratitude for the many things in my life that bring me joy. One of those things is working at McLoughlin Middle School with the wonderful [...]

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See you at school

Did you know that research shows just two missed days of school every month, even in kindergarten, can cause a child to suffer academically and decrease the chances that he or she will graduate? While some absences are unavoidable, they quickly add up.

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Shifting bus culture

Every time he pulls up to a school, bus driver John Ringold says the same thing to his young passengers: “I’m proud of you and I care about you. Please be safe, respectful, responsible and cooperative. Thank you and have a wonderful day. You’re awesome.”

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